Welcome to 'Walking Paws' website.

My name is Paul and I run and operate 'Walking paws', a career I began in June 2007.

I am a 'one-man-band', which I have found useful when dealing with my clients and I am sure many of my clients find it reassuring to know the same person will be picking up and dropping off their dog(s) and that I am only a call or text away.

I have had dogs and cats in my life from an early age, and a dog walking/pet sitting career was an easy cross over for me as a main source of income.

Dog walking for a living, is, I guess, in some peoples eyes, one of the better jobs around, and I would have to agree most of the time.

As with most jobs there are good days and bad days. My bad days are when I am soaking wet and cold, yet my good days will be when I am walking about in the sun in just shorts and t-shirt.

Feel free to go 'walkies' around my site and if you have any questions please contact me.

Thank you for visiting.


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