Paul began walking our Labrador, Lion, in December 2007. 

He has walked him every week day since then, whatever the weather. 

At no stage since then have we contemplated using anybody else.

This is because Paul is utterly trustworthy, reliable and just as importantly, is genuinely adored by Lion.

It is the highlight of his day when he hears Paul’s car arriving.

Lion was just over 2 when Paul started walking him and was quite a timid dog.

Paul has been patient with him and has helped him to grow into a more confident

and self-assured dog.

He has painstakingly taught him to swim. Not an easy task given Lion’s fear of water.

In 2010 we disrupted Lion and Paul’s daily routine by introducing a 10 week old labrador to the equation, Mango. 

Paul has walked Mango since he was 12 weeks old and has helped him to grow from an over-enthusiastic

puppy to a calm and considerate 2 year old. 

He has continued the training we have done with him and made sure that Mango is also a well mannered and well behaved dog.

Paul has always gone over and above the call of duty with Lion and Mango. 

He has cleaned up after them and he has fed them at a moment’s notice when we’ve been delayed.

He never complains and never grumbles, He is a rare find.

Sarah - Lion & Mango

 Paul is a trustworthy and reliable walker for our dog Tilly.

Always happy to help even at the last minute.

The only person we trust to walk our dog.

Tilly gets so excited when she sees him, it is a joy to see.



‘’I have found Paul from WalkingPaws to be friendly, honest and totally reliable,
but even more importantly he really cares about our Paterdale !’’

Simon - Mac


Paul first walked my dogs when I went for my annual holiday, then it went to 3 days a week, and now it is every weekday. 

I have 4 dogs and I only walk 2 at a time on my own and the 2 left at home would bark etc and I didn't want to annoy the neighbours.  
Paul is very reliable, come rain or shine, snow or ice, and even man-flu!

He takes 2 every day anyway, but more often than not he is greeted by 4 leads and 4 excited dogs! 

Paul lets me know if any of them 'haven't been’ or if they have an upset stomach or are not themselves in any way. 

Pepper is a very nervous dog and wouldn't get in the van at first but with Paul`s reassurance there is no problem now.
They thoroughly look forward to Paul`s arrival in the mornings.

Trisa - Pepper, Bonnie, Mojo and Minime


Paul has taken care of our cats and ducks since 2012. He has covered weekends away and few two week holidays...even Christmas and New Year's Day...and in every kind of mud and weather!

On top of this reliability, Paul is super considerate and will turn radios or lights on for pet comfort and house security, and will advise if a pet seems off colour or flag any concerns.

We trust Paul implicitly and this has enabled us to holiday and go away without concerns.

We are very grateful for his support.

Miranda and Charlie


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